The MNC MAX RemoteManagement software tool offers a comprehensive range of features that help our partners to scale their businesses and attract new customers by enabling them to deliver high-value, lucrative and proactive services – whether you ‘re working with a break/fix model, are fully managed services, or a hybrid of the two.

App Control

Cloud management can be complicated for some businesses trying to do it solo – complex consoles can be challenging and not everyone has the time or skills to master yet another business necessity. MAX App Control gives you the opportunity to take the headache out of cloud management for your clients – via one pane of glassLearn more about App Control.

Asset Tracking

With GFI MAX RemoteManagement’s IT Asset & Inventory management tools you can perform automatic scans of your customers’ networks.  Fully integrated with your GFI MAX RemoteManagement Dashboard, you’ll be able to view detailed information about your client’s software and hardware assets from one single interface – wherever you are. Learn more about asset tracking.

Alerting & Viewing

MNC MAX RemoteManagement’s Alerting and Viewing options help you stay on top of the networks you manage round the clock, in a way that suits you best.  Get alerted to issues with instant email and SMS notifications. Also view the status of all of your clients with the online Dashboard on your PC, our MNC app on your iPhone; iPad; iPod Touch and Android, our MiniDash view on your cell phone, or on a large screen in your office with our WallChart.

Automated Maintenance

When it comes to routine IT maintenance, automation is the heart of business efficiency. Via the integrated web Dashboard, not only are you able to view detailed information about your client’s software and hardware assets from one single interface, you can also  deploy software, patches, Managed Antivirus and various other automated tasks and custom scripts.

Automated Monitoring

Easily and effectively monitor and manage the health of the most critical business systems – server and workstations. MNC MAX Remote Management’s monitoring tools help you avoid the risks of expensive remedial action and reputation damage through proactive monitoring of server and workstation security, hardware and disk performance, applications and bespoke software.

Integration & Vendor Support

MNC MAX RemoteManagement Integration allows you to quickly and easily integrate your Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools, help desk, ticketing and other systems with MNC MAX RemoteManagement and can really help you run your operation more efficiently.

Managed Antivirus

MNC MAX Managed Antivirus lets you deploy, monitor, manage, report and automatically fix virus threats by quickly and easily deploying an antivirus agent on servers and workstations. Receive alerts on the Dashboard and reduce your workload with automatic remedial action.

Managed Online Backup

Give your clients peace of mind with secure offsite storage to protect their business-critical data – data that’s fully recoverable in the event of a fire, theft, flood or any on-site failure. Easy!

Looking for a stand-alone backup product that you can use alongside your existing RMM solution? Then you need MNC MAX Backup.  

Mobile Device Management

COC MAX RemoteManagement’s Mobile Device Management feature is a scalable, comprehensive MDM management solution that helps you stay on top of the your clients growing demands around mobile devices. With a robust set of functions that provide security, enable mobility and centralize management, view the status of all of your clients devices via one pane of glass, allowing you to manage seamlessly and effortlessly.  Learn more.

Patch Management

MNC MAX Remote Managment’s Security Patch Management is for Microsoft Windows, office packages and other applications.  Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird and Java are all supported. Learn more about Patch Management.

Remote Access, Monitoring and Management

Accessed through the dashboard, MNC MAX RemoteManagement’s Remote Access functions enable comprehensive one-click remote support for servers and workstations, attended or unattended, without interrupting end-users – giving you even greater control and your customers a seamless user experience.

Systems Reporting

MNC MAX RemoteManagement Reporting tools produce professional, graphical reports that you can use to spot trends in system performance.  Use these reports to demonstrate the need for upgrades or replacements.  

System Tray Application

The MNC MAX RemoteManagement  Windows System Tray application tool enables you to manage issues without the usual to-ing and fro-ing that can occur when trying to explain IT issues over the phone. 

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